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What’s Going On With ProContest? (November 2012)

This is our kickoff month with regard to our soft launch / friendly user efforts.  We’re just looking to start communicating that we’re up and running and letting people start accessing the site and playing free entry games to get acclimated and to give us their initial feedback and suggestions.

The intent is to continue with this process for a bit, then when we think that the customer base is ready, start with some modest paid entry games.  We’ll give you plenty of advance notice of when we’ll be offering some of the paid games, so you’ll have time to fund your account in advance.

A quick note on how users fund their accounts.  Right now, we’re going to be restrictive with regard to users that want to deposit funds, as we’re just getting users acclimated to the site and the game process.  We’ll eventually be working with Dwolla and PayPal for payment services, but when we move forward at first, we’ll focus on Dwolla. 

We encourage those that desire to do so, to set up their personal account with Dwolla at their earliest convenience.  To set up the account is fast, but the inbound transaction to load the Dwolla account does take a few days to clear, so if there is a contest you want to play, you don’t want to miss out because of the initial Dwolla set up process.

For those that have played the initial games, thank you so much for your play and your feedback!  The ProContest games are truly unique in the fantasy sports market and we think they’ll prove to be a very nice complement to current fantasy offerings.


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