2014 NFL Draft Fantasy Game Now Live

Continuing with game testing, a free-play fantasy game based on the upcoming NFL Draft has been launched.  This is a unique concept, new to the fantasy sports marketplace!  Go to to register and play.  We are interested in any feedback regarding this concept as well as feedback regarding other fantasy games leveraging the patented […]

NFL Post-Season Game Results and Discussion

With last week’s Super Bowl (a very good one, blackout notwithstanding), the NFL post-season game is complete.  Although there were only 11 total games, compared to 35 for the NCAA bowl season game, the game performed very well.  In this game, the field of entries was very inclusive, such that named entries (other than the […]

College Bowl Season Game Results and Discussion

The two NCAA football bowl season games are complete.  With 35 bowl games, there was a wide variance in performance statistics, with only one tie that had to use a tiebreaker, which was the lowest opponent yardage race for the team game.  Virginia Tech and Rutgers each only allowed 196 yards, but Virginia Tech got […]

Which States Does ProContest Currently Allow Residents To Register and Play? (December 2012)

Although listed in our current Terms and Conditions, the residents of the following US States (plus the District of Columbia), are currently allowed to register as users: Alabama, Alaska, California, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Indiana, Maine, Maryland, Mississippi, Missouri, Nevada,  New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Utah, […]

College Football Bowl Season Games Additional Information

We’re continuing to test the new game concept and breaking new ground.  These games focus on the college football bowl season.  There are some differences that we want to explore, and invite you to play (for free) and learn your opinion.  For this year’s bowl season, we put up two games. A key difference from […]

What’s Going On With ProContest? (November 2012)

This is our kickoff month with regard to our soft launch / friendly user efforts.  We’re just looking to start communicating that we’re up and running and letting people start accessing the site and playing free entry games to get acclimated and to give us their initial feedback and suggestions. The intent is to continue […]

NFL Weekly Game (Yardage) Additional Information

For the weekly yardage-based NFL game, here are the tiebreakers that will be used to separate initially tied players for the various questions: Quarterback (QB) Yards / Attempt (Higher is better) Interceptions (Lower is better) Touchdown passes (Higher is better) Running back (RB) Yards / Carry (Higher is better) Fumbles (Lower is better) Rushing TDs […]