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Welcome to ProContest

Welcome to the ProContest blog!  This is the location for everyone interested in details of ProContest to get additional information.  Information will cover all topics of interest to ProContest registered users and the public in general.

For offered games, additional information will be posted here, such as tiebreakers for particular questions and early registration bonuses, for example.  Users should consult this blog before entering games to see if there is some additional information available that might be considered valuable.

Blog posts may be posted actively inquiring of you for ideas for new games.  Please comment on these posts with regard to your feedback.  Your views are extremely valuable!  The intent is to craft contests that you will find enjoyable, affordable and give you the opportunity to apply your knowledge and skill in the attempt to win prizes.

Other posts may provide you information on what is going on with ProContest as well as the parent company, YouGaming Inc from both an operational as well as an overall business perspective.

Finally, some posts may publish answers to questions that have been submitted via email to info@procontest.com that we feel have importance to the general ProContest audience.

We may in the future establish a Forum within the site, but since not all interested persons can register as users, we’re going to use this blog for now as a place for community and conversation.

Again, welcome!